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About the Nike VRS Covert Driver

Thursday, May 15, 2014 3:36 am

Nike has successfully updated their trendy VRS Covert driver with a new technology for better performance. The new Nike VRS Covert Driver has an updated support brace inside the club head running from the crown on top to the sole on the bottom. This improvement creates what the company says is an extremely hard union, stiffening the club head in the process resulting in more stability and less energy loss.

The new design of the Nike Covert 2.0 driver offers a seven percent face area increase which is quite different from the 2013 Covert Driver. It also encompasses the company's latest version of NexCOR face technology. This new technology brings out a richer full sound at impact with the driver's variable face thickness than that of the prior softball sounding Covert Driver. The company's patented Flex Loft system gives the same adjustability used in the previous year. Lofts are adjustable from eight and a half to twelve and a half degrees, and face angle is modifiable with 3 positions. All these capabilities enhance launch and spin conditions for individual players.

Kevin Chappell who is a professional golfer presently uses the Nike VRS Covert Driver. He describes it as a driver launching the ball straight off the tee instead of curving it. He also says the new driver is indeed long and goes just where it is aimed. Other renowned golfers who are also using this high performance golf equipment from Nike Golf include Rory Mcllroy and Nick Watney. Tiger Woods has also used it several times.

The Covert 2.0 Driver is primed to deliver additional forgiving distance, higher ball velocity and easy, intuitive customization to meet the swing and style of a golfer’s match for ultimate performance.

The Nike VRS Covert Driver is forty five and a half inches long, has a lie angle of fifty eight and a half degrees.The volume is 460cc whereas the head weight is two hundred and nine point nine grams.