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TaylorMade SLDR Irons

Thursday, May 15, 2014 3:22 am

Taylormade Golf have come up with an elegant design for the SLDR irons which bear a modern technology that entails a combination of sound, feel and distance. It has a striking modern shape with a charcoal crown that makes the club have a remarkable appearance at first glance. The SLDR irons are set to be available in the market as from 6th June.

When it comes to a player’s iron, distance is the most important factor that is considered when designing the iron, however their also has to be a combination of sound, distance and feel. 

The manufactures of SLDR irons used thru slot technology to improve speed pocket which ultimately increased the distance. Thru slot technology works together with deep undercut and the thin clubface to improve the flexing impact when using the iron. Polymer is used in the thru slot to maintain the impressive feel and sound. The back cavity has a shock absorbing mechanism.

The SLDR iron offers better shot making in the same scale of a professional player. The irons also have a solid feel which is more than impressive compared to the other irons in the market. It is remarkable how perfectly the features of this club combine to produce a muscled iron whilst providing unmatched launch and distance. Additionally, the elegant design proves that this club is meant for serious gamers. 

With Taylormade SLDR irons the golfer is able to use less spin and still manage to hit the ball high. It also includes a low CG that makes a low spinning driver as well as provides a dramatic distance leap. In actual sense, the CG location is the lowest of all the irons. Golfers are now able to achieve immense distance gains devoid of changing their ball speed or swing. It promotes faster ball speed, high launch angle and lower spin rate by helping you hit straighter/longer drives. SLDR now makes it possible for golfers to achieve their launch conditions. 

The SLDR offers a movable weight that makes it easy to use and its more effective. Having a movable weight makes it possible for the clubhead’s CG to shift horizontally either toward the heel or toe. This movement shift either creates a fade or draw. The resulting trajectory produced by the sliding weigh offers a 30 yards change.

The weight slides of the SLDR are designed to slide on the tracks and stay firmly attached onto the clubhead. The track has 21 positions which allow the movement of the weights. All it takes to move the weight is to unfasten the screw, move the weight then fasten the screw afterwards. 

The loft has 12 adjustable positions with a difference of 1.5 degrees. SLDR is accessible in three different lofts: HL, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees.

Aesthetically, the iron’s confluence of color, visual accents and shape make it among the most compelling clubs to be created. The club comes with a money back guarantee which proves that the manufactures are confident of the design. The SLDR retail at $899 for eight irons.