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Do you take trade Ins? 

Absolutley, we do take trade ins our process is as follows :

Got a spare driver, spare iron set, spare putter or three gathering dust in your garage ??? Why not turn them into the latest technology driver !! What is gathering dust may transform your game !!! Trading in your old clubs at Australian Golf Online couldn't be easier, just follow these easy steps to insure a fast trade on your new club.

  1. To determine the value of your clubs simply give us a call on 1300 465 366 and describe the models and condition and we can determine the approximate value of your clubs.

  2. After determining your trade-in value, place your order for your new clubs and indicate you wish to do a trade in, specifying which clubs you intend to trade.  You will be charged the full price of the new purchase at this time. Most orders ship within 5-7 business days. Credit card orders only accepted for trade-in orders. 

  3. When your new clubs arrive, pack your trade in clubs in the same box, and please pack them as protectively as possible. On the box will be a return consignment note, simply take it out of the envelope and place it on the box to ship the trade in clubs back to us at absolutely no cost to you.

  4. When your trade ins arrive, an final assessment will be made for grade, model and condition within 1-2 business days of receipt. A credit will be issued to your credit card for that amount. If there are any discrepancies, customer service will call you to discuss.


I want to order clubs custom fit...can I?

Yes, you can order your clubs custom made to your preferred specifications. We can order your clubs any way you want them from most any manufacturer, within reason. Typically, we only stock standard lies and lengths, unless noted otherwise. We do NOT charge an extra fee for custom length/lie specifications. Custom shafts, grip specs may be extra, depending on the manufacturer. If we do custom order clubs for you, and you change your mind or return them, you may be subject to a re-stocking fee of up to 25%. Simply call any of our consultants to custom order your set at 1300 465 366 or email sales@golfonline.com.au.