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Adams XTD Irons


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Iron Selection:

The new XTD Cross Cavity irons are the latest performance multi-material irons from Adams Golf that are sure to have you hitting your irons not only easier, but straighter and farther. “By integrating thinner faces and meaningful metalwood technology into irons, we’re making it much easier for players to produce higher, longer, straighter and more consistent shots” says Justin Honea, Adams Golf Senior Director of Research & Development.

Featured prominently in the XTD Cross Cavity irons is a crossing pattern intended to move – or pull – the center of gravity off the face and back into the body of the iron. The result is increased gear effect. In other words, there is a built-in correction on off-center hits.

The XTD Cross Cavity iron also has in the middle of the back cavity a flexible damper "pressure piston" that helps shorten the duration of sound waves. This means less vibration. Adams' Cut-Thru Slot in the sole, designed to increase ball speed and carry distance also lends to the XTD Cross Cavity irons superb playbility.

Do these iron improvements work? According to gifted golfer as well as Adams staffer Honea - yes, absolutely. "I can hit it as straight as any other iron," he said, "but I hit this one farther. Up to a half club to a club."

Superior feel, significantly longer and more forgiving than their predecessors, Adams’ Super S irons, and Adams Golf quality and value all add up to a can't miss iron set.


  • Better feel with pressure piston that applies pressure directly to the back of theface to soften vibration and sound
  • Precision Alignment with a contrasting face design and multi–finished face that frames the ball for easier alignment
  • Cut-thru slot technology
  • Matrix Progam Q graphite or KBS Tour 90 steel shaft offerings


Customer Reviews

William says...
I have only had the clubs since about March this year and what was suppose to be an irons purchase turned into irons, hybrids and driver. Generally I go around 18 in about 100 sometimes more sometimes less. While my game has not yet improved due to a lack of playing I have to say I am very impressed with the clubs. Besides the unique look they are very easy to use and the feel is great. Thankfully very forgiving but when you connect, well it is simply poetry in motion. The pitching wedge for me was always a less than 100m selection and took some effort. On a good day I can get 120m out of my Adams with an easy swing. I have also let some better players have a hit of my driver and one was so impressed he took all the details as he was seriously looking at buying one. It took me 6 months of research and reading to finally decide on getting Adams and I am so glad I did. The game is even more enjoyable and I look forward to a number of years with my new best friends.
Thursday, October 8, 2015 7:15 pm

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