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Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Irons


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Bridgestone is getting back to basics with the Tour B irons lineup – the X-Blade and the X-CB cavity back. This is a welcome departure from the somewhat confusing J15 lineup.

“Bridgestone is known for our cavity backs,” says Kupperbusch. “I think when we expended into five lines of irons with J15, we kind of lost sight of what our bread and butter is, and that’s our premium Japanese forgings.”

Bridgestone’s confounding, often schizophrenic path as a golf equipment company in North America is apparently taking another sharp and interesting twist. The JGR lineup remains the standard retail channel offering, with Game Improvement metalwoods and forged irons priced to move. In fact, this week's announcement of the Tour B line –and its marketing strategy – makes sense of last fall’s rather odd release of the JGR-CB irons.

The Better Player market is the smallest segment of the golfing population. And considering every mainstream competitor provides solid options for that better player, the playground is crowded. By taking the path blazed by PXG and going the premium, custom-fit route, Bridgestone is exiting a crowded, price-driven market for a more open, service-and-value-driven niche.

Torch and Pitchfork Nation will no doubt cry that Bridgestone is pricing itself out of the average golfer's price range, whatever that is. Well, yeah, that’s exactly what Bridgestone is doing with Tour B, and it’s doing so intentionally. By definition, the premium market Bridgestone is targeting is low volume - Bridgestone isn’t making a market share grab with this move. But the premium market is a profitable market where success is measured by margin and not volume.

Bridgestone tried fighting the mainstream market battle with the J15 line and got nowhere, even though the lineup was as good as anything out there. By segmenting its offering – JGR for the mass market and Tour B for the premium market – Bridgestone is taking a much different approach in which its better player market share may, in fact, go down, but the company may finally find a profitable niche.





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