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Callaway PM Grind 19 Chrome Wedges


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The Callaway PM Grind 2019 wedge has been designed to make three essential short game shots easier: 
1) The Knockdown
2) The Hit & Check
3) The "Phlop" 

Phil Mickelson & Roger Cleveland worked closely together to improve these three shots for the average golfer. 

With the introduction of Groove-in-Groove Technology in the Mack Daddy 4 wedge, Phil suggested that machining the micro-grooves perpendicular to the target line in the PM Grind would give the wedge more spin with an open club face on lob shots. This adaption has given the 2019 PM Grind 12 percent more spin when manipulating the club face. 

An increased Offset and higher toe allows golfers to position the ball further back in the stance and enables the hands to be positioned ahead of the golf ball, which is the fundamentals to hit a knockdown shot. 

The 2019 Phil Mickelson wedge features the popular C-grind which is known for its clean turf interaction from all types of lies. 

What happens when the game’s greatest wedge player joins forces with the world’s premier wedge designer?

The exceptional 2019 Callaway PM Grind wedge gets spawned, that’s what.

Lefty genius Phil Mickelson, after whom the PM Grind is named, and Roger Cleveland, architect behind some of the game’s most iconic wedges, have again collaborated to improve the performance of Phil's bespoke wedge.

The legendary pair opted for a total design reboot for the new PM Grind and included several ground-breaking concepts, making it easier than ever to replicate the type of shots seen regularly on the Mickelson highlight reel.

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