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Callaway Superhot 55 Golf Balls


AUD $45.00

Money-Back Guarantee

This product comes with an Authenticity Guarantee and a Satisfaction Guarantee.

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For golfers looking for a golf ball with great distance, straight shooting performance and incredibly soft feel, the Callaway Superhot 55 golf ball is here. These golf balls are longer from the tee to the green while reducing the spin that causes hooks and slices so you hit it straighter.


- Aerodynamic design with less drag and optimized lift keeps the ball in the air for strong flight from your woods to your short irons
- Soft mantel and cover work together as a system to create less spin to reduce hooks and slices, leading to straighter, more controlled shots
- Callaway compression rating of 55 lets you compress the ball with incredibly soft feel
- 3 piece construction

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