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Callaway Sure Out Wedges


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Wedge Selection:

To create its new Sure Out wedges, Callaway engineers worked with renowned instructor Hank Haney, with the goal being to create wedges that would offer more playability for the average golfer. To make that happen, significant time was spent designing the sole, which is wider to deliver added forgiveness and more cambered to provide versatility. The sole design excels around the green for shots played from bunkers or rough and allows higher-handicap players to play sand shots and pitches without having to open the face, which can be intimidating. But the sole’s camber also allows more advanced players to open the face if they’d like to play different types of chips and pitches.

Also of note, the grooves on the Sure Out wedges, of which there are 17, extend all the way across the clubface to provide more spin on mis-hits, and the grooves have been machined to deliver optimal spin rates. Callaway Sure Out wedges come in lofts of 58 and 64 degrees and are offered with either the KBS Tour 90 steel or UST 65 graphite as a stock shaft.

Callaway Sure Out Wedges features:

- Wider sole design creates forgiveness and allows greenside shots to be played with a square clubface
- Machined grooves create optimal spin and extend across the face for better results on mis-hits
- Sole camber allows for shots to be played with an open face to enhance versatility
- Slightly larger profile provides forgiveness and inspires confidence at address
- Lofts: 58 and 64 degrees
- Available in right and left handed models
- Stock Shafts: KBS Tour 90 steel, UST 65 graphite
- Shaft Flex: Wedge
- Swing Weight: D4 (steel), D1 (graphite)


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