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Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Satin Chrome Wedges


AUD $149.00

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This product comes with an Authenticity Guarantee and a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Wedge Selection:

The evolution of the 588 Rotex wedge started by listening to the top players in the world. Listening to the demands a Keegan Bradley, Graeme McDowell or Hideki Matsuyama faces, week in and week out, from 125 yards and in. Cleveland then looked at what factors lead everyday players to succeed or fail in the scoring zone. After hundreds of hours of interviews and field testing, they identified a common need for all golfers, regardless of ability level: Versatility. From that research Cleveland developed 3 distinct wedge grinds that are proven to optimize the short game for players of all abilities.

  • Loft/Bounce: 46.08 (2 Dot), 48.08 (2 Dot), 50.10 (2 Dot), 52.10 (2 Dot), 54.06 (1 Dot), 54.10 (2 Dot), 54.12 (3 Dot), 56.08 (1 Dot), 56.12 (2 Dot), 56.14 (3 Dot), 58.06 (1 Dot), 58.10 (2 Dot), 58.12 (3 Dot), 60.06 (1 Dot), 60.10 (2 Dot), 60.12 (3 Dot), 62.08 (2 Dot), 64.08 (2 Dot).
  • (1 Dot) Low Bounce Grind: Ideal for firm conditions and/or players with a more shallow attack angle.
  • (2 Dot) STD Bounce Grind: Ideal for a wide variety of conditions and/or players with a neutral attack angle.
  • (3 Dot) Full Sole Bounce Grind: Ideal for softer conditions and/or players with a steep attack angle.
  • 4th Gen. Tour Zip Grooves feature 8% larger walls and sharper radii.
  • Channels away more grass, dirt and moisture for cleaner contact and more consistent spin.
  • Rotex 2.0 Face Pattern leads to increased friction and more spin, especially from inconsistent lies.
  • Advanced, 2-pass micro milling pattern provides a strategically designed roughness close to the USGA limit.
  • Laser Milling fine tunes the micro-roughness for more consistency across the face for increased spin on pitch and chip shots.
  • Dynamic Gold Steel shaft available in Wedge flex.
  • Available in left and right hand.
  • Conforms to Condition of Competition.

Low Bounce Grind (1 Dot):

The Low Bounce Grind provides the lowest effective bounce, allowing players to be aggressive from anywhere around the green. The combination of a trailing edge grind and maximum relief from the heel and toe lets the player be creative from even the tightest of lies.

STD Bounce Grind (2 Dot):

The Standard Bounce Grind provides a mid effective bounce, offering players a wedge that performs well in most conditions. The combination of a trailing edge grind and moderate relief from the heel and toe gives the player the perfect combination of versatility and forgiveness.

Full Sole (3 Dot):

The Full Sole Grind provides a slightly higher effective bounce, allowing players to smoothly glide through any surface with ease. Consistent sole width gives players confidence when striking their ball on full shots while maintaining versatility around the green.


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