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Cleveland Launcher HB Irons


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It has been a few years since Cleveland released new woods and irons, but the company has an extensive history of creating popular products in both categories. With its new Launcher HB line of golf clubs, Cleveland is hoping to bring the recreational player a better combination of performance and simplicity with a focus on higher launch, straighter shots, and more forgiveness.

For those familiar with previous Cleveland products, the new Launcher HB irons will remind many of the highly popular HiBore irons of years past, albeit with an infusion of new technology. Most notable about the Launcher HB irons is their distinctive look. While the short irons look like traditional game-improvement irons, as the set progresses into the mid- and long irons each club takes on the look of a more traditional hybrid. What the progressive shaping enables is control in the short irons for scoring shots and the distance and launch in the longer irons that hybrids typically offer.

Also unique about the Launcher HB irons is that they feature a fully hollow construction through the set, which enables weight to be redistributed low and deep in the clubhead, as well as to the perimeter, to maximize forgiveness. That said, internal, stabilizing ribs still offer a crisp, solid feel and sound and impact. Additionally, the HiBore crown utilized in the design also helps in establishing a low, deep CG position that promotes higher launch conditions, and a high-strength steel face insert enables the clubface to flex more at impact to produce faster ball speeds.

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