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Cobra F-Max Offset Fairways


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Cobra’s new line of F-MAX golf clubs has been designed to give golfers with more modest swing speeds the ability to generate more clubhead speed and distance, which has been accomplished in part by utilizing lighter swingweights and lighter shafts. The F-MAX fairway woods feature a forged 455 stainless steel face insert that produces more ball speed from all impact points, while a fixed back weight positioned toward the heel promotes high launch conditions. Additionally, the offset design provides players who fight a slice with maximum draw bias to help them hit straighter shots.

- Stock Shaft: F-MAX Cobra SuperLite graphite
- Shaft Flexes: Lite (62 grams), Regular (65 grams), Stiff (67 grams)
- Stock Grip: F-MAX Lamkin REL Mid-size
- Lofts: 16 degrees (43 inches, 170cc), 20 degrees (42.5 inches, 165cc), and 23 degrees (42 inches, 160cc)
- Swingweight: D1
- Offset design enables a draw bias for players who struggle with a slice or in squaring the clubface at impact
- Forged 455 stainless steel face insert promotes fast ball speeds even on mis-hits
- Crown alignment detail helps players set up properly
- Lighter swingweight helps players with average swing speeds create more distance
- 23-degree model available in right-hand only
- Includes headcover


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