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Cobra King F7 Driver


WAS $549.00
AUD $429.00
You Save: AUD $120.00!


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This product comes with an Authenticity Guarantee and a Satisfaction Guarantee.

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The Cobra F7 Driver arrives with a 20% lighter crown, which is largely down to the decision not to include the Sliding weight from the F6 model. This saved weight allows Cobra to carefully position the CG location for the most effective results. 

The new moveable weighting system is also simple. With 3 weights that can be moved into different positions, depending on the shot shape you are trying to achieve. The includes a coloured 12 gram weights and two 2 gram weights that can be positioned using the Cobra Tool. 
If you like your golfing statistics then this one's for you. As Arccos Systems have paired with Cobra Golf to include the first ever, in-built GPS tracking system. This is installed in the grip of the driver and can be paired with the SmartPhone App on one of its 40,000 courses preloaded. If you are of the competitive type, then a 'King of the hole' feature will keep you occupied against your fellow golfing partners

Weight in the front - Produces a penetrating ball flight, with lower spin and increased roll.

Weight in the back - Produces a higher launch angle, with increased spin and longer carry distances.

Weight in the heel - Produces a draw biased ball flight with increased hook spin and helps correct slice.




  • MyFly Technology - Offers eight different loft and lie options
  • SmartPad Technology - Keeps the face square regardless of loft option.
  • Simple Weighting System - 1x 12g weight and 2 x 2g weights.
  • Colours Available - Black/Orange, Silver/Yellow and Blue/Red/White
  • 460cc Head Size - 5% Larger than the F6


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