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Cobra King F8+ Drivers


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Driver Selection:

The Cobra F8+ is specifically engineered with the tour player in mind. It features the all new CNC Milled Face which is multi-directional, helping to achieve tighter dispersions and improve bulge and roll curvatures.

A New 360 Aero package enables airflow to pass the driver, limiting drag and prevent loss in clubhead speed. This has been achieved by installing a lightweight polymer on the front of the sole and crown.

The F8+ features a shallower head profile that encourages workability and will be aesthetically pleasing to the better player.

Two weights positioned on the sole of the driver can be moved to fine tune ball slight characteristics. A 12g and a 2g can be switched depending on the players preference. The 12g weight at the front will push the CG forward for a more penetrating ball flight, as the 12g weight positioned in the back position will create a more towering ball flight with increased spin.

- Cobra Connect - Powered by Arccos, enables golfers to track their round stats as well as analysing post round numbers on the Cobra Connect App.


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