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EvnRoll ER6 iROLL Putters


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Four models are available in the Envroll ER range. These include the; ER1ER2ER5 and ER6. Each model features a different head shape and consequently targets different putting strokes


 The 'Envroll' Technology in the head, allows for the ball to roll the same distance on different strike locations on the club face. This giving it the "Sweetest Sweet-spot"name.  This has been achieved by imparting a greater energy transfer, the further the strike is away from the sweet-spot. This compensates the energy lost on mishits, giving the Envroll the title of "The most technologically advanced putter on the market".


 Each model features two dots on the leading edge of the putter. These aid in alignment, but they also help keep the ball on the 'higher side' of a breaking putt.  


  • Envroll Technology - Avoids loss of distances on mishits. 
  • Different models available - ER1, ER2, ER5 and the ER6. 
  • Alignment and break assistance - Two visual dots help keep the ball on the 'high side' of a breaking putt. 

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