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Mizuno S5 White Satin Ion Wedges


AUD $175.00

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The S-5 wedges from Mizuno are here with elite shot control and incredible feel. These wedges feature a new enticing Silhouette profile that always appears aligned to your target. Two distinct, visible sole grinds inspired by professional Luke Donald keep these wedges versatile to make short game shots from all types of lies
- Grain flow forged from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon for soft, solid, consistent feel
- Quad Cut CNC milled grooves for maximum spin
- Milled face for increased surface roughness and ball-stopping spin
- 25 loft and bounce offerings to cover all distance gaps
- Softer teardrop shape always appears aligned to the target
- 15% sole grind on high bounce models
- 25% sole grind on low bounce models
- Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex 130g shaft
- Multi Compound Blue / Black 60R Grip
- Available in left and right hand


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