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Mizuno T7 Blue Ion Wedges


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The new T7 is the first wedge in Mizuno's history that features the 1025 Boron element. This is the same element that experienced great success in the iron ranges in recent years. 
Aesthetically, the Mizuno T7's have received a 'make-under', with the removal of the channel that was positioned behind the sweet-spot in the T5's. The end result, is a traditional looking wedge that is very pleasing on the eye.
A progressive head shape in the T7 allows for the perfect transition from the irons to the wedges. An iron-like profile is featured in the lower degrees of the T7 from 46-52, with the 54-62 having a more rounded, wedge-like leading edge. 
The heads are available in the popular Blue IP, or the more traditional White satin finish. These are equipped with Quad Cut Grooves that alter, depending on the degree of loft. 54 degrees and up, house a wider/shallower groove, with 52 and below featuring a deep and narrow groove pattern.

  • Quad Cut Grooves - Specific grooves for lower and higher lofts. 
  • 1025 Boron Element - The first Mizuno wedge that includes the impressive Boron element.
  • Traditional Design - Removal of the channel provides a classic look.


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