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Odyssey Stroke Lab R-Ball Putters


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Putter Selection:

The new Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters features a conventional approach to putter design and focuses on an innovation that attempts to improve the common putting stroke weaknesses. 

A weight-saving, multi-material shaft allows Odyssey to redistribute the excess weight to more effective parts of the putter. At 75 grams, the shaft within the Stroke Lab range is 40 grams lighter than the previous model - a weight saving that could only have been achieved by adding a multi-material shaft that consistent of graphite and steel components. 

This innovative approach to putter weighting gives Odyssey the opportunity to add weight on both ends of the putter, helping golfers achieve a repeatable and consistent putting stroke. By adding 10 grams in the head and 40 grams in the grip, the Odyssey Stroke Lab performs like a counter-balanced design. 

Premium putter maker Odyssey has a long history of asking 'how and why?' in its search for true innovation.

Challenging preconceived ideas has served Odyssey well, with the company a formidable force in cutting-edge putter design and a frontrunner when it comes to introducing new concepts.

The new Odyssey Stroke Lab putter line-up applies the same approach, featuring a design ethos that flies in the face of conventional putters to produce game-changing flat stick performance.

And with 10 new Odyssey Stroke Lab putters to choose from, the hole will be looking pretty big in 2019.


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