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Odyssey Works Tank Versa 2-Ball Fang Putters with Superstroke


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AUD $225.00
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This product comes with an Authenticity Guarantee and a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Putter Selection:

Stability and Forgiveness For The Most Accurate 2-Ball - We use the Dual Fangs to position the clubhead’s weight to the perimeter to increase MOI. The results: more stability, more accuracy and better control. 

2-Ball Alignment Framed By Versa Technology - The major-winning Versa alignment frames the 2-Ball with a higher contrast, which helps the legendary 2-Ball system stand out even more. That’s a lot of Tour proven alignment in one putter. 

Tank Counterbalance - More stability at impact. When golfers tried these new putters, 60% of them had a more consistent path, which is a pretty staggering number. The counterbalance weight, heavier heads and heavier shafts quiet the hands and engage the big muscles to promote a more consistent stroke. 

Classic White Hot Face Insert - The Classic White Hot insert provides more consistent sound, feel and performance across the face. 

SuperStroke Grip - The Works Tank Versa 2-Ball Fang Putter comes with the SuperStroke Tank Grip adding stability & consistency to your putting stroke.

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