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Fairway Selection:

As is the case with the entire G400 line, players can expect to see faster ball speeds and more distance when it comes to the new G400 fairway woods. Fueling the ball speed and distance increases are a new Maraging Steel clubface that has been utilized in the design. It features the use of C300 steel, which is lightweight, strong, and flexible, and the result is an increased flexing of the face that generates faster ball speeds from all impact points.

The G400 fairways also feature a cascading sole design that helps the clubface flex more at impact, and the sole design allows to the club to sit lower to the ground so that players naturally strike the ball higher on the clubface, which will improve launch conditions and overall results. Additionally, the G400 fairway woods are extremely forgiving thanks to a low, deep CG that has been made possible by a lightweight 17-4 stainless steel crown and a high-density back weight. More specifically, the G400 fairways offers MOI increases of roughly five percent above what the G fairway woods offered.

When it comes to the SFT model, weight has been positioned closer to the heel to help players square the clubface more easily at impact. The SFT versions also feature lighter swingweights and slightly larger clubheads, which also makes them more playable. G400 SFT fairway woods are available in lofts of 16, 19, and 22 degrees, and they come with the high-launching Alta CB 65 as a stock shaft and with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet as a stock grip.

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