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Srixon Lady Soft Feel Golf Balls


AUD $35.00

Money-Back Guarantee

This product comes with an Authenticity Guarantee and a Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls are specifically designed for the female golfer. Soft Feel Golf Balls are made to go longer and feel softer for lady golfers at all levels with any swing speed. Get great drives off your driver and the right amount of spin off your irons. This ball doesn't mess around. Women golfers can get the performance they demand with the Lady Soft Feel.


  • 2 Piece Construction; 328 dimples
  • Soft Rabalon HR + Cover
  • Large diameter resilient EGG (Energetic Gradient Growth) Core
  • Tremendous soft feel for all shots from tee to green
  • Exceptional driver distance with good approach iron spin


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