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TaylorMade 2019 TP5x Golf Balls


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TaylorMade 2019 TP5x golf balls pack more speed into their most complete tour ball. The speed layer system features four increasingly stiff layers with High Flex Material, or HFM, to increase ball speed through greater rebound. HFM is a new higher modulus material that works like a stiff spring that builds up energy when compressed and rebounds quickly to boost ball speed. The Dual-Spin cover features a softer cast urethane to increase groove interaction, giving you more spin and control around the greens.


- Softer cast urethane Dual-Spin cover increases groove interaction for more spin and control around the greens
- Four increasingly stiff layers with HFM (High Flex Material) increase ball speed through greater rebound
- HFM is a new material that improves energy transfer through the ball for more speed by acting like a stiff spring when compressed
- Tri-fast core features lower compression for increased launch angle and less drag
- Improved urethane compound cover and paint formula increases durability
- 322 seamless dimple pattern
- More piercing playability with high trajectory
- Soft feel and high wedge spin
- Five-piece construction
- TaylorMade compression rating of 97
- Available in a 12-ball pack


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