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TaylorMade M5 Drivers


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The TaylorMade M5 Driver continues the innovation journey from the previous M3 Driver. Like the M3, The M5 Driver features the groundbreaking Twist Face Technology. but it has an added speed boost in 2019 - thanks to the inclusion of tuning resin. Each driver head has been Speed Injected with resin, allowing TaylorMade to fine tune each head to comply with the COR legal limit. 
The new Twist Face design is thinner and more flexible than the original version - taking the speed of the face over the COR limit. However, the new tuning process enables TaylorMade to delicately adjust the COR results to hit the speed regulations.

Version 2.0 of Hammerhead is designed to work in conjunction with Speed Injection to help enlarge the sweet spot area on the driver face for improved speeds on the common mishit areas. The 2019 Hammerhead is more flexible than the previous edition, with TaylorMade stating that it is 66 percent hotter than the M3.

The T-Track system within the M3 was a huge hit for golfers wanting to fine-tune their ball flights. The M5 has taken this to the next level with the inclusion of an Inverted T-Track. Two 10g weights gives golfers the freedom to adjust the weight positions to help achieve their required ball flight characteristics. With up to 1770 possible configurations, this new weighting system has the ability to alter the launch angle by up to one degree, up to 25 yards of shot shaping and changes of spin up to 600rpm.

A new carbon fibre crown has been installed in the M5 head and removes unwanted weight which can then be moved into more effective positions within the driver's head and enhances forgiveness and launch.

The TaylorMade M5 Driver is available with the Tensei CK 60 or the Project X HZRDUS 70 which are both low spin and low launching options.


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