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TaylorMade Spider Blade Slant Putters


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Spider Blade’s head construction consists of 11 parts made of eight materials: 304 stainless steel, 17-4 stainless steel, aluminum, 3M Foam, tungsten, polycarbonate, Surlyn and TPU, all enabling its astonishingly high MOI. The head is counterbalanced with a 130-gram grip that’s twice as heavy as a typical putter grip. Counterbalancing increases the MOI of the entire club, making it 50% more stable than a traditional putter.

Spider Blade is available in two lengths, 38 and 35”. The idea is to grip the club as you would a normal-length putter, with two or three inches of the butt-end of the grip extended above your hands, which gives you the maximum benefit of counterbalancing. Thus, if you normally play a 35” putter you should opt for the 38”; if you play a 33” putter should use the 35”; if you play a 34” putter you can experiment with both the 35 and 38” to find which you prefer.


  • Tremendously high MOI in a blade-style head
  • Outstanding twist-resistance and distance-control
  • 130-gram grip counterbalances head-weight
  • White leading edge and linear alignment aid in the cavity
  • PureRoll Surlyn insert promotes soft-yet-solid feel and smooth roll

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