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Titleist SM6 Tour Chrome Wedges


AUD $199.00


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Wedge Selection:

Titleist and Bob Vokey introduce the new SM6 wedges to revolutionize your short game. For the first time ever in wedges, the SM6 wedges feature progressive center of gravity. As your wedges gain more loft, the impact position moves farther up the club face. This progressive CG design aligns the CG with impact locations specific to each loft so you get better control over distance and trajectory with great feeling wedge shots. Brand new TX4 grooves with a parallel face texture add even more spin to your shots. These grooves are optimized for loft as well with 46°-54° wedges featuring deeper, narrower grooves and 56°-62° wedges having shallower, wider grooves. Bob Vokey also offers the most bounce and grind options in the game of golf so you're sure to find wedges that match your swing type and typical course conditions.
- Progressive centre of gravity aligns the CG with impact positions specific to each loft for accurate distance and trajectory control with incredible feel.
- New TX4 grooves with an added parallel face texture makes groove edges more consistent and produces tighter quality tolerances for even more spin.
- Added distance and trajectory control make these clubs properly gapped to fit your bag with improved gaps and distances for more full swings.
- Most complete range of bounce and grind options available in golf to help you match your bounce to your swing type, shot making and turf conditions for a customized playing set of wedges.

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