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Callaway introduces Rogue Pro Black irons

Thursday, May 31, 2018 10:19 pm

Callaway's new iron line will retail for $825 with steel and $1,100 with graphite. (Courtesy of Callaway Golf)

Callaway's Apex Black irons were so popular when they were first released, the equipment manufacturer re-launched the limited edition set a year later to satisfy demand.

Given the popularity of the dark finish, Callaway decided to come out with a similar finish in the Rogue Pro model. The head features a PVD finish that's designed to reduce glare; the dark finish has also been known to give the iron the appearance of having a more compact head.

The all-black design comes with a limited edition True Temper XP 105 shaft, black medallion in the cavity and Lamkin's Z5 grip.

Outside of the color change, the Rogue Pro Black is identical to the retail version in terms of performance.

The Pro version caters to the better player with a more compact blade length, less offset, and thinner topline/sole.

Housed inside the head are a few additions designed to optimize the flight and feel of the club. Taking a page from the Metal-Injected Molding process that was used to strategically place tungsten within the head of the Epic irons, Callaway fashioned a tungsten-infused internal standing wave in a similar manner. The tungsten allows the CG to be dialed in at each individual loft, promoting optimum launch and control.

Callaway also filled the lower half of the iron cavity — where the ball impacts the face — with elastic-urethane microspheres. The spheres of air allow the face to deflect without compromising COR or ball speed while giving the iron a sound and feel similar to urethane. The technology has been used most recently in the auto industry to improve dimensional stability and reduce weight.

Rogue Pro Black will be available mid to late June.