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Authenticity Guarantee

100% Authentic Clubs Guaranteed


Let us premise this guarantee by stating categorically that all products we sell are 100% genuine original products.

The unfortunate state of the golf market particularly on several auction sites means that there are a lot of counterfeit clubs entering the market. As an Australian proprietary limited company if we were to substitute any of these counterfeit products as a genuine product and were found out by the manufacturer of that product we would liable to pay substantial fines and penalties. It is simply NOT worth our risk to sell you a non-genuine product.

With that in mind we have so much confidence in the authenticity and quality of our products that if we supply any product that is found to be non-genuine in any way we will happily refund your purchase price and provide a cheque for $1,000.00 as compensation. We are more than happy to put on money where our mouth is giving you total confidence when buying from us.


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